Anniversary dinner … with kids

Will be on vaca for our anniversary so we’re thinking of dining at Boathouse. We’ll have our 8 and 5 year old. I’ve heard good things… think it’s a good idea? Generally speaking my kids have good behavior at restaurants

If you were out for your anniversary with kids in tow, where would you like to go??

Sounds like a great idea! We went to Boathouse in May with a group of 6 and all loved it! The salmon was delicious! Definitely has a kid friendly atmosphere. I think any restaurant in Disney World (aside from the very few that don’t allow kids) will be kid friendly enough. If anyone likes cookies or cake, Gideon’s is right nearby for some yummy dessert. We joined the waitlist earlier in the evening and I snuck out while waiting for our food to grab cookies. Another idea if you like seafood, but want to try something in the parks Coral Reef Restaurant in EPCOT is fun and the kids might like watching the aquarium as you eat.


We just dined at Boathouse last Sunday night and both my kids loved it. Similar ages to your kids. The kids meals come out in this cardboard car which my kids loved.


Nice! Now that I see that we’ll definitely stick to Boathouse :+1::+1: