Anna & Elsa FPP

Is it worth using a FPP for A&E when it is just adults? I don’t typically do M&G but I know A&E FPP are pretty hard to get so I don’t know if I should keep them. Can anyone tell me how your M&G was without kids?

yep. We used FPP for our meet Memorial Day Weekend. Loved it. Got some great interaction and pics too.

Yes, I have done it and there were other adults as well.

I think it really depends on the individual. I have NO interest in ANY M&Gs, so I personally wouldn’t do it. Especially with something as irrationally popular as the A&E meet, I tend to think along the lines of “is my ‘this might be fun’ moment worth the broken heart of a 10 year old girl (who believes them to be the “real” princesses and not just 2 CMs wearing costumes)who isn’t going to get to meet them because I am”. Horrible sentence, but I think you get my drift.

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