Anna & Elsa FP for afternoon question

If I do score an A&E FP for September afternoon, how long is the wait still even with the FP usually??

Probably not very long. The only time I did this meet with last December 17th. We got in line at 2:05 PM and waited 7 minutes (the posted wait was 95) and had about 5 minutes of character time.

We waited about 5 min in January.

Wow! great. Hope I can FP for September. If not we may skip it.

The demand, though high, is not what it was even a couple of months ago. It was once described as a “lottery”, now it is just a really fast selling ticket to the Rolling Stones. If you are on site and have the 60 day window, and you log in at midnight, you’re going to get a FPP for them. It might not be the most choice time, but you’ll get it I think… and it will be even easier as more time passes, and especially in a slow month like September.

If you’re staying off site and only have access at 30 days… well then forget it.

Thank you!! I am a planner, so my window isnt till July! LOL…And we are staying on Site…So should be good :smile:

We just went Spring Break with big crowds, and it was less than 5 min (with FastPass). The Stand-By Line was 60 min at the time, I think?

How many days are you going for? The night your window opens, log in for midnight, and make the first day you pick FPP for the last day you plan to go to the MK. So for example, let’s say you were arriving Sunday and leaving Saturday, and had planned to go to the MK on the Monday and Thursday of your trip (hitting other parks on the other days), when your window opens do Thursday first, and plunk A&E there. This will give you the best shot of a) getting anything for A&E; and b) having the most time slots available. The deeper into your trip you can possibly place it (and do it first as said above), the less people you are competing with. When my 60 day window opened in February, the only A&E slot available for my arrival day was the latest possible, a time we weren’t even going to still be in the parks. Meanwhile, for our latest MK day, we had like 4-5 options, including 5-6pm which was perfect. And by periodically checking in and changing times, we eventually got a 2:30-3:30pm slot, something that I would have thought impossible just months ago.