Anna and Elsa

I have seen the new opening date for the Frozen attraction in Epcot. We are scheduled to go the week of June 4th so obviously the attraction won’t be open. My question is…will there be any meet and greets with Anna & Elsa before then or just nothing until the opening date?

Thank you!

To the best of my knowledge, an exact opening date for the EP M&G has not been announced other than “June”. Some are “assuming” the 17th because that is when Soarin’ will reopen. Some "insiders’ are saying that the project is behind schedule (again) and it could be the tail end of June.

I’m “guessing” that they will continue to meet in MK until the EP location is ready. FPPs are the big question. Until they have a definite June date, they can’t release them for either park. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were NO FPPs until July. There are rumors of no FPPs at all, and others that you will “check in” and get a card with a return time. But no one really “knows” except Disney, who is keeping very tight-lipped on this whole thing…

Thank you! FPP’s are definitely not showing up as an option for that week currently. I guess I will have to be patient :slight_smile:

And there’s another rumor that they are considering an “up-charge” AM event similar to what they are currently doing in FL (a breakfast of some sort and limited access to the ride and the M&G). From a bean-counter perspective this makes a great deal of sense; with the popularity of Frozen, the low capacity of both attractions, the difficulty in getting FPPs, and the predicted VERY long SB lines, they could charge just about anything they wanted to and it would sell out every day. But again all rumors floating around in a void of actual information.

For now, you might want to try an early breakfast reservation at Akershus and just wait and see.

Any word on plans to remove them from PFH in MK once they appear in Epcot? If so, who will replace them in PFH?

If Disney had any sense, they’d have them both places, since they’re so popular. But Disney does not always have sense.

Maybe this lady?

Maybe classic princesses?

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From what I have read, once the EP location opens, A&E will no longer be in MK. I’ve not heard anything specific regarding which Princesses will take their place at PFH.

You may have heard this already, but FPP+ for A&E are now available for that week in MK. They definitely were not when I booked my FPP+ at the 60-day window, but on a whim I checked today and they are available for June 10th (the day I am in MK). There were a number of afternoon slots available. My guess is this means Frozen Ever After and A&E will not be open in EP that week. Hope this helps!

From what I’ve heard, Elena will be transitioning to the Princess Hall with Rapunzel or Cinderella…I can’t remember which one. We’ll see if it’s true.