Anna and Elsa Royal Welcome

Hi! Anna and Elsa are a must do on our list. My touring plan keeps optimizing them for somewhere around 11 am. I’m wondering if we should stop by and see them first thing? Or are they available during and early entry morning? Suggestions?


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Anna & Elsa are unfortunately not present during early entry in DCA. The first hour after regular park opening is usual less busy. Afterwards, lines are minimum 30 minutes in my experience.

Take into account that, esp. in the first hours in the morning, it could be the case that you will see Anna OR Elsa and not both sisters simultaneously; normally a cast member will tell you upfront when you are waiting. If this is the case, then normally you’ll meet as well Kristof or Olaf.


This last summer we met them a couple of times with 15-20 min. wait in the afternoon and even less in the evening (but just Anna). But it really does vary because a lot of the time that line is 30 minutes (especially when both sisters are there). Of all the character meets though, this is definitely the easiest wait as you’re in the Animation Building lobby with scenes, artwork & music from all of the best Disney & Pixar animation being played & shown & played in 360 views all around you. We’ve been known to pop into the lobby just to enjoy the sequence of animated clips to music without waiting for anything, so waiting in line for them is really just time enjoying the animated clips.