Anna and elsa FP+

Are the Anna and Elsa FP+ still hard to get. I am going in September and on days where TP is showing crowd level 1-2 and Anna and Elsa is unavailable. However, often when I look in the morning there are fast passes available same day for Anna and Elsa. Does Disney release more once it gets closer? It is making me worry that it will be crowded when we are there.

I believe A&e is still the golden ticket. You could try getting FP 1 by1 and change times so they overlap. Or you could get to MK very early for RD, walk with purpose once you’re in park and hope wait isn’t too long. You also might consider going at night close to closing time. If your kids are young this might not be a good option. I’m not an expert, so if you don’t get a lot of responses here you might want to post on chat.

I have BOG reservations for breakfast at 8:10 and was considering going straight to Anna and Elsa, but when I force it to the top of my touring plan it gives a wait of 31 minutes.

I have heard @len say on podcasts that some FP spots are released the day of. I have heard other podcasters say that they were able to get A&E day of. Rope drop the FP kiosk.

Since park hours see shorter in Sept especially with so many party nights there are less FPP to go around so the really popular things like Anna and Elsa and 7DMT are gone fast. Try to pick up 1 at a time and copy and if that doesn’t work 1 and overlap times even if you get a 5 minute overlap for them all.

Some of the some day availablity my be people who cancel or only groups of 1-2.

As for touring plan ad BOG wait, the computer doesn’t know how to handle you already being in the back of the park. It doesn’t factor in early line up for the M&G. You can always head straight there and if the line is long come back later.

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