Anna and Elsa at MVMCP

My first foray into the fearsome forum. My understanding is that there is no FPP during MVMCP. Is that correct? If so, do Anna and Elsa still greet at Fairytale Hall? Is it still a madhouse, or are the lines decreased due to the party? I know A&E hasn't happened during MVMCP yet, but I was hoping for insight from the Halloween party. Thanks.

Welcome! I have no idea about Anna & Elsa, but I wanted to say hi. smile I think I read a thread about this recently. I'll see if I can find it for you.

I just checked, I think I was remembering a thread about the Halloween party. Sorry. @Outer1 is making plans for a December trip, so maybe he knows.

Thanks for the tag @SallyEppcot.

@fairfield70 you are correct that there aren't FPP during the holiday parties, however, the holiday ticket will actually get you in the gate at 4pm even though the party doesn't start until 7pm. You can actually use your party ticket to book FPP between 4 and 7pm.

A&E do meeting during the parties (Or at least have been during MNSSHP) and so far the wait times have been much lower. Reports of as little as 20 minute wait times have been seen. I think that has to be taken with a grain of salt though because the first few parties this year have been pretty low attendance, so it will likely vary a lot depending on the crowd level at your particular party.

I would probably suggest trying for a fast pass during the 3 hour window and if you're aren't able to get one then try for standby at some point during the party. Typically lines are going to be shorter during the parades, fireworks, and as it gets later in the evening.

And welcome to the forums... see it's not that fearsome lol.

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