Animation Academy and Sorcerer Mickey question

Trying to plot out a rough late Aug HS plan and plan for my ADR window that opens in a few weeks. Question - what time does the Animation Academy start their drawing classes and what time do they finish? Disney lists the attraction hours as 9-7, but I’m not sure if the classes start at 9. Also, what is best time to see Sorcerer Mickey - right at 10am or closer to the end of the day, around 6?

When we were there in November, those hours were accurate. They queue you up for the next class once the previous class goes in (like most theater attractions). Each class takes 20 minutes, but they are 30 minutes apart to give time for ‘loading and unloading’. If you’re not in the next class, just know that you’ll be waiting at least 30 minutes. We got lucky and were the last three in the queue, so we only had to wait ~5 minutes. When we left, there was almost a full class waiting to be queued (would be ~an hour wait). FYI, our plan that day was RD TSMM, GMR, and then AA.

When we left our class (almost right at 10am), CM said the line for Sorcerer Mickey was ~40 minutes (entire queue was full). We had an ADR so we couldn’t wait for him, but were able to see Minnie in about 10 minutes.

Good luck!

Thanks! That’s very helpful! Considering what you mentioned (and the long line for Mickey), I’m thinking of saving both for the evening before Fantasmic.