Animation Academy and Meets in Building

I used the Animation Academy to force TP to put me at the Meet and Greet for Baymax. Now my HS TP plans require me to remove all animation academy (4 times). Does anyone know if the drawing class or any of the Meets have been relocated?

I believe Animation Academy is closing later this month. If you need your TP to “walk” you over to this location, maybe try to insert a faux food break at Brown Derby or similar?

Yes, I’m getting pretty good at tricking a TP to work for the attractions/meets that are not options to select. My issue is that I do not need to go there if the drawing class is gone or the meets have been moved. Looking to discover a new location for any, if possible - we planned to draw twice, meet Incredibles, and meet Baymax.

Animation Academy is closing??

Source: TP and Kenny. The whole building will close around July 15. No drawing classes or meet and greets - and then the art expo will also close.

:frowning: I’m not liking all the HS changes. The Animation Academy news may take awhile to get over :wink:

The bright side is this park is now a half day for sure and we have an extra hour and a half for pool. I’m reading that One Mans Dream will probably close too. That will be another 25 minutes to add to pool time. Having notification does allow for us to get over the heartbreak and adjust plans. : o )

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On no, I want to do One Man’s Dream to become a citizen. Any clue as to when this “may” happen??