Animated magic shots

So I just read on another blog for the animated magic shots to work you must have an active memory maker account. I’m sharing a memory maker plan with 3 other families and I’m not the one who set it up. What can I do? I just asked a dozen photographers about the Zootopia Magic shot, only to find when we found it, it doesn’t animate.

If you have a memory maker entitlement regardless of who set it up, you’ll be able to download any magic shots they take of you. It’s the same way with ride videos on ToT, 7DMT, and now Buzz.

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In my photo pass account our videos from ToT show up as videos we can play, but the magic shot is a still not an animation. I think it’s suppose to show Nick from Zootopia pulling out his cell phone and snapping our picture

I just did a share and our animated magic shots showed up as did the ride photos.

Are you in the account that has the MM assigned to it? Did your share set-up a dummy account for the share?

It’s likely just a magic shot that isn’t animated. There are so many different ones and only a few are animated. We asked one of them our last trip when we were looking for a different one and they said unless they’ve been doing it a long time they probably don’t know about many of them outside of the ones they were trained to do for their particular park.

Can someone tell me which ride photos can be connected to MM? Do you have to ask for them to be connected or do they just go to your band?

A couple of weeks ago ALL of our ride photos & videos showed up in MDE, even though we didn’t have a MM and only tapped the band for one of them.

MK: Space Mountain, 7 Dwarves (video!), Splash Mountain
EP: Test Track
HS: Tower of Terror (really cool video!!), RnR
AK: Expedition Everest, Dinosaur

I think that’s all of them. They go directly on your MB but I’m really paranoid and scan my band under the picture every single time just in case :blush:

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Thanks for all the reassurance folks

Buzz light year too!:grinning:

right!!! I have my tongue sticking out for that one!!!

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