Animal Kingdom Value 2 bedroom

I found prices for a 2-bedroom value resort at Animal Kingdom on David’s DVCR that is quite good. From what I read there are only 5 of these 2 bedrooms in this cagtegory at Jambo House. Does anyone know anything about them? I am going to assume they are parking lot views, but I would really like to know what buildings they are in and what floors. I looked on Touring Plan’s room views, but none of them listed say Jambo House 2 bedroom value.

Just as a heads up, from my experience the value rooms are near impossible to book through a broker. I’ve used David’s twice and both times I looked into a value room at 11 months out. I was told by David’s people that these are the first to get booked by the DVC owners as they are that great of a deal. Even though the prices are listed on David’s site, most likely the availability is not there. Standard is still a pretty good deal though, when you consider what it would cost you if you booked direct through Disney. I believe all the Value Rooms in Jambo house are parking lot views overlooking the entrance.

There are 10 2BR Values in AKV. They are all on the 5th floor of Jambo on Giraffe and Ostrich Trails. 4 have views of the Uzima Pool, 4 have views of Sunset Savanna, and 2 overlook the entrance. As @SenorCzervik said, you are highly unlikely to be able to book these rooms through a broker as they are snapped up very quickly by owners - you might be able to get one if you rent directly from an owner who is willing to put in a lot of effort on your behalf.

Thank you so much for the information. I did wonder with only having a few 2 bedroom units available how hard it would be to get one. I did plan on Using David’s, so I will adjust my budget and plan on trying for a standard rate.