Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom bus question

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I looking into the best way to get from AK to MK seems obvious, but some places say the bus goes to TTC and some say the bus goes tot he bus barn at the front gate. Even the MDE app gives different directions - last night it said take the bus directly to the bus barn, today it says take the bus to Grand Flo and walk. It also shows the bus as taking an hour. We’ll have a car and can drive, but I’d rather live in the bubble and not have to drive, but to save 40 minutes or more, I will.

Anyway, what’s your preferred mode of transport to hop between AK and MK?

I think it depends on time of day. I don’t think park to park buses start until 1:30 pm or something…so if you try before then, you will have to do the bus ride to Contemporary or GF trick. Personally I think taking the bus from AK to the Contemporary is the best decision if they aren’t running it directly to MK from AK, since the walk is less than 10 minutes.

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I would prefer CR as well. The long time is what’s starting to worry me though. One hour seems excessive. Maybe they’re factoring gone to wait for a bus?

It’s usually more like 20-25 minutes.

And I agree with the others, if you’re trying to do this before park hopping starts then take the bus to the Contemporary. Although it might be that the Contemporary bus might pick up somewhere like WL en route, which would explain why they said go via the GF.


20-25 minutes sounds much more manageable. We’ll be departing AK to park hop to MK, so definitely around 1:30 or 2pm

The drive is definitely not one hour, but I do always figure an hour total whenever hopping to account for wait times, just missing a bus that pulls away as you’re walking up, etc.


Same. We bus around WDW mid day quite a bit and while I will figure an hour, that isn’t usually the case. Maybe rarely the case.

Unless we’re going from say HS to MK, both parks with bus stops seeminly far from tap styles and need to figure in my walking speed :snail: :turtle: :bug: :deciduous_tree:

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You could take also take a Minnie Van. That’ll drop you off where the busses do at MK.

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Here’s what MDE shows, after park hoping starts.