Animal Kingdom Shows

Are you allowed into shows if you arrive a few minutes late? Specifically asking about Finding Nemo. My fast pass window opened up today (a day earlier than I expected - I guess adding a day to the beginning of our trip paid off) and I was just able to score a FPP for FOP. I had given up on planning to ride it so am adding it back into the touring plan. I’m only seeing 3 Nemo shows that day and right now, it has me arriving at 4:02 for a 4pm show. I’m hoping we would be able to make it before then, but if you’re a few minutes late, do they let you in or shut the doors when it starts?

Edited: I think I’ve been able to rearrange my plan so that we don’t arrive late for anything, but it’d still be good to know the answer to this question just in case we’re running late.

Most WDW shows will not seat late arrivals, but I can’t answer specifically for Nemo.