Animal Kingdom show times

Can someone tell me if the FOTLK and Finding Nemoshiws tend to fill up and turn people away? My TP had a tight window for these and I wanted to see if it needed more wait time. Thx!

I’ve never been turned away from either and have,even on busier days, arrived sort of last minute. Both theatres are huge. That said, Pandora may be skewing things there for a while.

We tried to do FOTLK last time. Got there about 15 minutes beforehand and did not get seated. We got turned away because they were full. I would get there earlier than we did. It was tight on our TP schedule too. Making more time this go round.

It depends on when you’re going and the crowd level.

We saw people being turned away from Nemo, but that was the week between Christmas and NY. But with Pandora opening, there will likely be more people in the park for several months, which may mean the chances of shows filling up will increase.