Animal Kingdom Rope Drop / Parking

First bus from a Disney resort is best bet right now.

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I have heard of Lyft dropping scheduled rides but Uber being more committed to the commitment. :rofl:

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W/ a ride share you get closer to the AK park entrance than any other park or mode of transportation, except for the skyliner at the IG entrance but ride share is difficult to get right now… that’s what you said too. Are they letting ride share though park entrances earlier than cars yet? IDK about that last one.

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Uber/Lyft sound risky! What about scheduling Mears taxi or even anther taxi services like this:

Also, which Boardwalk resort should I go to take the bus to AK (in terms of shorter time/less chance of stopping at other resorts)?

Thank you so much!

Ride share does not get through earlier. You’re best off with Disney bus


I know, pre-covid, we would take a lyft to AK for rope drop b/c is was a closer drop off than the buses but I don’t know if they are letting ride shares in b4 the official park opening. Buses have their own entrance and will be able to get in b4 park opens. Cars are held until approximately an hour b4 park opening. Buses beat everything right now. BUT when I drive (which is what I do locally) and rope drop I still get plenty done before official opening.

oh… ride share drops off closer than buses at HS too; drops off next to SkyL.

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