Animal Kingdom-River of lights

I have made a custom plan for the AK. I made reservations and purchased the dinner package at Tiffins so I will have seats for the River of Lights show for 5:40. The show doesn’t start until 9:15. After we get done eating its saying we should ride expedition everest then fast pass ROL and Tree of Life. Do I need to ignore this suggestion and after we ride Everest come back to Tiffins to get our seats. As you can see I am totally confused how this River of Lights Dining Package works.

If you have the RoL package you do not need a FP. You will go to Tiffins (lucky you- I had an amazing lunch there on Sunday- it is a “must do” every trip for me). You should have time to do a few things after your meal. On Sunday I had a 3:20 Tiffins package. They were running behind and I did not get seated until almost 4:00. RoL started at 7:15. They told me to be there at 6:30 and they gave me tickets for the dining section. I left Tiffins at 5:30 and just made the end of my EE window at 5:45. We then went on Safari at 6:05. A giraffe decided he would chase all the animals on the savanna and we did not get off the Safari until 6:50 (it was so cool). We made it to the seating area at 7:00 and we got seats at the end of an aisle, near the top. There was a light pole a few rows ahead but it did not bother us. I would do the dinner package again. It was great!

so if the show starts at 9:15 but our reservations are for around 5:40 they will say we just need to be back by a certain time for the ROL?

Yes! They will give you tickets.

Awesome thank you!

Not sure if you understand that you won’t be going back to Tiffins for ROL, you will take your tickets to the arena in Dino land.

No I was unaware haha. Thanks for clearing this up!

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