Animal Kingdom RD Turned into EMH - Opinions?

So, the only day we are planning to RD at all will be 12/24 at AK, which has recently turned into an EMH day. All parks are CL 10. How will EMH impact RD so that DD16 can ride FoP and we can ride NRR (which I will assume there will be no way to get FPPs, although I will try, it will only be 60+1 for us). Or would it be better for us to RD on a different day? Do you think there will be any chance they will add EMH to other days that week?

If you are on site, just adjust your schedule to get there for EMH RD; this could work to your favor as fewer people will be entering the park. If you don’t have access to EMH, or don’t think you can make it that early, I would highly recommend not going that day.

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I think that means we need to be there by 6:30, right? Since EMH starts at 8? We are committed to doing this, but wow, that’s early!!! We’re doing it for DD16, though, so I can’t complain too much.

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Send her then, meet her afterwards!

Unless of course you really do want to ride after all :joy:

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I haven’t been since Pandora opened, so I can’t give you current intel as to how early before RD you need to be tthere.

I believe most folks are reporting that if you get to the gates around 7am for 8am EMH that you have a minimal wait.

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Do you think this would be the case on Christmas Eve?

I’m not sure just how much CL effects EMH crowds. I don’t remember the exact number, but based on rooms available and the park attendance, only about 25% of the people in the parks are staying on site. Also, the occupancy of the on site hotels remains 80-100%, year round. Putting these two concepts together, whether it’s a CL 4 or a CL 10, roughly the same number of people will be eligible for EMH on a given day. The total number of people in the park after “general” RD will be drastically different.

Okay, that makes me feel better! Hopefully it’s the case.

The one caveat to that would be during the ultra busy park times, the hotels should need to be doing less group type things to hit their high occupancy rate. So less convention traffic, Pop Warner football and cheerleading groups who are likely doing things other than going to the parks during their stay.

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