Animal Kingdom predictions FP+

So I’ve seen a few posts that think it’s a very good chance Animal Kingdom will go to a tiered FP+ system once Pandora is open. Just for prediction purposes, what are the chances the two avatar rides, EE, Kilimangaro, and ROL are not all tier 1?
Eagerly awaiting any AK news since I’ll be going at the end of the summer.

My guess is very similar to yours, but that would make for an awful lot of tier 1 compared to the total number of attractions in AK (that would leave Dino, KRR, and PW as the only Tier 2 rides - plus the shows). There’s a chance that they could make the Na’vi River Journey tier 2 to allow people a hope of getting to do both without having to wait SB - but I doubt this will be the case. If both Pandora rides are tier 1, I am predicting that either EE or KS will be tier 2.

But this is all conjecture - there might not be tiers at all. Given the way Disney has been doing things lately, I could see them selling a “Passport to Pandora” special tour that included a QS meal of some sort, a M&G with a Na’vi, and FPPs for the two rides. Add in an “expedition guide” who walks you from event to event and points out various flora along the way and you have yourself a nice little $150/person “deal”…


Interesting. I hadn’t heard something like that but it definitely sounds like something Disney might do. I hope at least one of those major attractions is a tier 2 in order to help my FP+ selections a little less stressful.

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When I read you post I had a sudden vision of he conference room with a list of all the way they could “up charge” listed on a white board. I expect you are right.