Animal Kingdom Plan

Looking for advice for my UPDATED animal kingdom plan.

Updated plan from liners suggestions. Love when others see a plan when I can’t/

Any other tips or advice for animal kingdom. We are only doing 1 day here .

Two things struck me.

First, there’s an awful lot of walking in there. You could reorder things to cut it down.

Second, you have given yourself no time to explore Pandora. It’s a visually stimulating and exciting area. It’s worth spending some time in.

Agree that is a ton of walking! ESP pushing a stroller around… I would re arrange… I had to rearrange mine so I went around AK in order…

You are so right! This is why I need others to view. I had them in good order then when I put in actual fast pass times forgot to rearrage for walking. Now to see if I can get it to work…

If you want to do FOP, you could RD and do a rider switch, letting the non-riding parent explore pandora with the little ones.

Might be worth a shot to plan that way, and then if you don’t make it in time to swing it, head for KS while the masses go to Pandora.

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I also found doing NRR at RD very reasonable. So that is also a super viable option if you plan to be part of the Pandora RD crowd.

Plan updated…still a ton of walking but not able to change fp so can’t figure out a better plan.

Maybe change 3 abd 4? Then it might be a little less back abd forth? Looking good!