Animal Kingdom me, please

I have everything for our trip well planned, except for our Animal Kingdom day…the one day we have no dance things scheduled…go figure, lol. Here’s the overview…

EMH Animal Kingdom…RD NRJ, get DD15 and DD11 a treat at Pongu (they are obsessed with boba…thought this might be fun), KS, walk Gorilla Falls Trail, explore Harambe area and maybe grab some coffee before the FoLK show at 10.

TH brunch @ 10:35

FP day is Sat. I’m planning on a FP for FOP or NRJ (we’ll RD the other), KRR and EE. I don’t care what times I get them for. Shows are important to us, so we’ll see Nemo also.


Here’s my plan:

I took out the Sanaa break and added in the train/exhibits. I kind of thought we might like these. I didn’t add a dinner anywhere because there’s time to grab something as we’re walking though. This gives everyone the freedom to eat when/where they would like.


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I’d say with June have KRR midday to get some relief from the heat, also Dinosaur and Bugs Life, and Rafiki Planet Watch area also has AC buildings.

Sanaa is not at the park, it is at Kidani so if you want a break to leave the park it would be ok but if not it does not make sense. Also, while I love Sanaa it is a relative of the cuisine at Tusker House so you might not need it.

Only you know yourself and family, but I think RD Navi, then Satuli snack, then KS, then Gorilla falls, then getting to FotLK for 10am, then getting out and to your TH 10:35 reservation feels a little optimistic. You might find yourself rushing Gorilla Falls, at minimum. Have you thought to count on FotLK for a later time, maybe?

The Rafiki’s Plant Watch train is not air conditioned, its open, but the main building out there is, so it may be a nice cool off break in the middle of the day. But since its all newly done, hard to know for sure.

I think Dinoland is the most concrete-infested hottest part of the park, so avoid that midday if you can. Finding Nemo is a must for us always, too.

Don’t forget the Asia Maharajah trek/trail. Its very shaded in places although if it is hot you may not get to see the tigers, who are way smarter than people about being out in the sun on a Florida day!

I was thinking the same thing. I’ll have to reread but where you also planning to throw FoP in there as well @ RD?

I saw the snack outside of Satuli? What time does Satuli open these days since it no longer serves breakfast?

Thank you! I’m planning on getting a FP for either FOP or NRJ but I don’t care what time. We’ll only RD one. I can definitely move Lion King…that’s what I didn’t know. I have no idea how much time it takes to get out of a show and walk to the next thing.

Good info on the concrete heat trap!

Part of me just wants to not plan and just walk around, lol. I know that’s not a smart idea… maybe I’m just tired of planning.

sorry - I wrote Satuli but it was Pongu. I like Satuli, clearly was projecting :-):grin:

  1. To RD either Navi or FOP, you’ll want to arrive for 0700 on the 0800 EMH day. If you arrive much after that your plan will fall apart. You’ll need to be one of the first on whichever of the two you can’t secure FPP for in order to have hope of completing all you want before your brunch. If you follow this advice you might actually be OFF the ride by 0810, giving you a little padding for the rest of the morning plans. RD rarely happens on the nose of the published hour, and guests are usually allowed in and the rides will open slightly ahead of that time.

  2. Is Pongu open with park opening? I don’t know myself, but you’ll want to make sure of this to fit it in your day where it currently resides.

  3. If all goes according to plan I do think you’ll make the 10:00 FOTLK, but just. Gorilla Falls is my favorite of the two animal trails and you may want to take more time there. In that case, go ahead and do so, enjoying FOTLK after your TH reservation. If you present early at TH they may be able to seat you early. Worth a shot.

  4. I’m LOL at your note on Maharaja Jungle Trek. Breakfast at 5pm? :wink:

  5. This is a great looking day, but long as hell. Take full advantage of the shows as rest times, and get out of the heat. Consider a late start next day — you’ll want it.


Lol! Clearly this isn’t the first time I’ve messed with this plan! :joy:

RD’ing NRJ is not the hill I’m going to die on. If we can get on then awesome, but if it’s a 60 min wait when we get there, we’ll keep on walking.

We have EMM at MK the next morning :grimacing:. My other option was to cut out all the train/Rafiki stuff and do a late lunch at Sanaa as a big break. Do you think that’s a better idea? I haven’t cancelled that reservation yet. Or I can try to get a reservation at Yak and Yeti as a break inside park.

Thanks for the feedback all!

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Again, depends on your family on the Sanaa break. Yes, AK is close to AKL, but buses are unpredictable. If you need a long break (but on your feet walking to and from the buses and waiting, and walking a bit at Kidani) then sure. If you just need a long off-our-feet break, there is the Nomad Lounge, Flame Tree BBQ, others.

Taking a break at Kidani is great, for both Sanaa and seeing the resort (namely, savannah viewing where you are not in a moving truck that stops 30 seconds for you to view animals). But its not necessarily relaxing/detox depending on how you manage and schedule it.


This made me think there could be a new thread: “What is the WDW hill you would die on?!” :grinning:


@DumboRunner that would be a great thread! Perhaps that could give a newbie lots of great info!! :slight_smile:

I made another plan for sleeping in. It’s pretty much the same, but I left out a couple things and it’ll be more like lunch, snack or dinner on the go. I like having options, though. Our AK day is towards the end of our trip and we’ll be out late every night. We may need a sleep in day. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and help! Thanks so much!