Animal Kingdom Parking for on-site guests

In the Unofficial Guide 2016 it states onsite guests going to Animal Kingdom wanting to be there when the park opens are suppose to take the bus transportation vs driving themselves. This is due to, “AK parking lot opens 15 minutes before the park opens, not enough time to park, hop on a tram, and pass through security before park opening.” Does this still hold true?

ooooo tracking this. Had not seen this as a potential problem yet. Is this a potential issue with EP, DHS or MK also?

They only mention AK as having this issue. Wondering if it has changed in anticipation of Pandora…

That may have been written in 2015. It used to be an issue but now the parking lot opens early like other parks.

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This has been said for years, but I have never seen it happen. We always drive to AK and have never had an issue parking in the last 6 years. That info is outdated, thankfully. Drive on!

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Thank you!

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You are welcome!