Animal Kingdom Lodge Room suggestions

We are now getting very close to our long planned and very much anticipated return (after 8 years) to WDW.
We have a Standard Room booked at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Hotel for myself, DH & 17 year old DD.
It would be great to get any suggestions for room numbers/area’s to request using the online tool to try and avoid a view of the car park.

For us, nicer view would be more important than proximity to lobby/transport, but if we can have both that would be great :wink:

Any suggestions or help would be great.

Thanks all

It seems as if rooms 4326 and above are open after refurbishment and have partial views.

Thanks for your reply & suggestion.

I have also been on the hotel room tool but no matter what type of ‘standard’ room I select, I get no rooms identifying as matching my request, in any area or floor. Nothing is highlighting up in red.
Am I doing something wrong? Any idea’s?


Let me see if I can help. You are going here first:

You then pick the room type . I filtered standard view/queen beds. Make sure “TP picks” is not selected.

Then click on the section of the building that is red (almost all when I just did it)

That then shows you the rooms. Remember- you have to change the floors to see options on different floors.

This is what opens when you click on one highlighted cell:

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This is the directions on how to set up the fax

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Arhhhhh…I had TP selected. Once I un-selected that they all showed up.

Thanks again for your help.


I usually suggest 4216-4238 or 3216-3238 but the numbers I put down are not under construction.