Animal kingdom lodge club level worth the price?

Is it worth it. We have reservations for club level but I’m kind of second guessing the idea. I got it more so to garuentee the views. I also though it might help to have something to grab quickly in the morning to eat n go . I’m just worried about getting our money’s worth. Did u use it much if u had kids with u and spent time at the parks? Thoughts / ideas/ comments

usually club level isn’t “worth” the additional cost. However if you can afford it and you enjoy relaxing and living it up a bit while on vacation - just enjoy it.

if your main concern is the view - I am sure you can guarantee a similar view non - club.

If you plan on spending time at the resort and will be there to take advantage of the food offerings it might be. But it isn’t for me. I’ve stayed C-level at hotels while on other vacations and the extras can be very nice; “free” breakfast, drinks, snacks, etc - but I don’t want to feel the “need” to get “my money’s worth” and make trips back to the resort that I ordinarily wouldn’t. If I was independently wealthy and the extra $$ didn’t matter, sure I’d stay club level - but I’m not so I don’t.