Animal Kingdom Help!


Our fast pass day is quickly approaching for our trip the last week of February so I am trying to figure out our touring plans. I am finding Animal Kingdom to be difficult. Animal kingdom fastpasses will be booked on 60 + 5. We are a group of 10 (6 adults and 4 kids ages 5,7,8,10)

We are going to Tusker House and I made two reservations (one for 8:05am and one for brunch at 10:50am)

I could not decide when I wanted to do Tusker house and I didn’t want to make the 8am reservation and have the park open at 8am - this is why I made two.

As of right now the park will be opening at 9am. If this stays true I can see two options of how to plan our day:

  1. Tusker house at 8am then rope drop KS. Hopefully we will be able to get a FPP for FOP and likely we would not be able to do Navi due to waits? The con to this plan is not doing Navi and the chance we will feel rushed through breakfast in order to not be late for KS. I want to enjoy the meal and time with characters for the kids. Pro to this option is doing KS first thing when the animals are more active and getting more morning touring time when crowds are less (hopefully) .

  2. Rope drop Avatar rides (hopefully get both in first thing and possibly have FPP for FOP). Do brunch at Tusker. The con to this option is feeling like you are “wasting” a good part of the morning dining and missing lower crowd times (morning). Also a con is this will likely only leave time for KS in the afternoon when the animals are not as active. Pro would be getting both Avatar rides in.

I assume doing 8am at tusker and rope dropping Avatar rides would not be possible as they are not very close to each other. Likely I would feel extra rushed with this option…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We too have struggled with how to fit TH into our AK park day. For all the reasons you have mentioned my family decided we will go pretty non stop during the day and we have a TH booking at 4:45pm. We just couldn’t ‘waste’ those precious first few park hours and not RD FOP even though we have a FP for later in the afternoon it is our No.1 ride and would really love to ride it twice. We also didn’t want to feel like we needed to rush our only character meal.

Good Luck!


I would think your best option is to do the 8:05 tusker then try to get FPs for KS 9:00, animation experience 10, and FOP at 11:00. I put animation experience so you don’t have to do much walking. Then you could swipe in for FOP before the 11:01 SDFP drop and possible pick up another FOP or Navi.


If you are wanting to do NRJ, I think I’d keep the 10:50 ADR. By that time the park will likely be feeling pretty crowded and you will have been able to spend those first few hours touring with lower crowds. Plus, 10:50 is a great time as you’ll be there for breakfast/lunch crossover.

I’d get there around 8:15 and RD NRJ and then head to KS where you’ll likely encounter little resistance. You could then use your FPs for FOP, EE, and whatever else your party is interested in. KRR is a good choice when it’s hot. Dinosaur if that interests you. Animation Experience is awesome as are FotLK and Nemo but you shouldn’t really need a FP for any of these.


I agree with DeepinTheHeartofTexas.

RD NRJ is very easy and stress free (even if you’re arriving “late”… at 8:40 for example).


Another vote for a late TH breakfast. Catching both breakfast & lunch is great. I also think you’ll feel rushed if you do an 8:05 meal. I would do the exact plan @DeepInTheHeartofTexas described.


That has been my experience with NRJ too! If OP did decide to arrive this late though they likely wouldn’t get done until park open (or a bit later) and would lose the advantage of being able to also hit KS in SB with minimal wait. But if that’s what OP would prefer, then I’d vote they just snag a FP for KS and everything will be :ok_hand:t3:

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Thank you all for your help! It has been very helpful! My plan will be to try to snag a FPP for FOP and rope drop Navi. Do Tusker Brunch. However this could have to be changed depending on the FPP! Thanks again! It was very helpful!

I will just say that we really love TH and are doing it again. We went there 5 yrs ago with small kids and are doing it again b/c I remember good food and I liked the classic characters in the safari outfits. Mostly we are getting a ROL dining package, but I had wanted to go back anyway so that made the decision. It is one of the ones I am looking forward to.

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