Animal Kingdom Front Gate Character times?

Is there any pattern to the times that the Animal Kingdom Front Gate Characters are coming out for meet & greets? I hear Baloo and King Louie have been added to the front gate mix and really want to try to see them in May! :slight_smile:

Gee I’ve never heard of this. Of course we used to pre-RD ADR for TH and now we are there super early for RD due to FOP so maybe I’m there too early.

We have the same problem. I’m very disappointed that they are ending Baloo and Louie’s meet, as they seem to be popular. I have tried looking for times for the front gate, but it seems not even Kenny the pirate has that info.

The Character Locator has the times, if you subscribe to that. :slight_smile:

I do subscribe. But Kenny does not have the random Character pop up times for AK. I did just find some additional times for Baloo and Louie though thank goodness.

Have you checked out the chat feature at KtP? I’ve seen people reporting the meets there recently.

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Yes. And like I said no exact times like pop ups at other parks. There is currently a question on the chat much like this one. I’m not bashing Kenny. Just reporting information to OP.

Ok so a lot of folks on KtP are saying that until May 12th (which is our first day there and our first AK day!) Baloo and Louie will be meeting at the front according to their original meet & greet schedule, but this was only reported by one person, but others have said since their standard location ended on 4/14, they have been seen at the front. I’m not gonna hold my breath, but I’m definitely making a break on my TP to go meet the Jungle Book Boys one last time! Wish me luck! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We are trying on 5/10. I’m not saying anything to my kids until I see them.

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Sorry if you read anything into my response. I was not implying anything & didn’t think you were bashing KtP. Just saying I had seen the meet mentioned a few times on chat there. I’ve been a member there since last fall & just found the chat feature this week.

That’s ok. Some people get a little defensive about his information, even when someone is just giving out basic info. I’ve been subscribing to him for a couple of years. Sometimes the chat is helpful and sometimes it’s not. Just depends on if people utilize it when they are in the parks.