Animal Kingdom EMH plan?

We’ve never attended an EMH and we’re going end of this June. What should we ride at Animal Kingdom and what is reasonable to expect as far as crowds and how many rides we can get in that first hour? I went ahead and made FP+ today as if we were arriving at 9 am for our top picks incase we don’t get to ride them during EMH. We’re planning to leave by noon.

In the early morning, crowds in AK are in Pandora, in line for FoP.
So, the answer to your question highly depends on whether or not you’re doing FoP during those EMH.

If so, even on EMH, it is strongly recommanded to arrive about 1 hour prior to park opening (7:00) to be ahead of the crowd. If not, you could easily end up with an 45-60 mins for FoP that will eat up all your EMH time.

If you’re not going on FoP, you should pretty much have a no-wait hour.
However, AK is quite bigger than MK and it requires more walking time between attractions. But as an exemple, your EMH could look like this:
8:05 - 8:20: Dinosaur
8:22 - 8:35: Primeval Whirl
8:40 - 9:00: Expedition Everest

Thanks! We have FPP for Pandora rides as we are going two mornings. We’d like to get there around 7:45 and not rush too much.

How early can we expect buses from POR to run on a EMH day? Our AK day has been switched as well and we are planning to do FOP at the 8 am EMH RD.


We’re doing a half day as well and our plan is to aim for Dinosaur and Everest. We have FP for both later in the afternoon, so we’ll keep them if we want to ride them again, if not our day will end earlier or we’ll find something else to do. After EMH we’re going to head to the safari, do the animal walks, and go to our Navi FP.