Animal Kingdom EMH arrival time

We are planning to visit Animal Kingdom on an 8am EMH morning. What time is it necessary to arrive at the park by? Is it possible to use Disney transportation and still get there on time (we are staying at POFQ)? Thanks!

Is your goal to ride FOP? If so I would arrive by 6:30 (6:45 at the latest).

Thanks for your reply. We have a FP for FOP for later in the day. Our plan is to ride NRJ, and then move on to Asia and Dinoland. Does Disney transportation start that early in the morning?

If looking to ride FOP with minimal wait, arrive between 0645-0700

Busses start on average an hour before the park opens. Some say it is 90 minutes before the park opens.

EMH is considered opening so busses will start between 6:30 :clock630: and 7 :clock7:

We found it easiest to use Uber on the morning we were RD AK for an 0800 opening. The buses were supposed to start at 0630 but the board kept showing a later and later arrival time to the depot. We called an uber, he came super fast, and we arrived at AK by 0650.