Animal Kingdom - Disney After Hours Impact

I was hoping folks who have gone to AK DAH already in December - as well as those going on January 8 and 16 - would take a few moments to write a review of the event and their thoughts.

I’m also very specifically interested in reviews/comments/observations from folks who are at AK, through close, on DAH days. Specifically, I’m wondering how DAH impacts (if at all) forecasted wait times for Dino, EE, PW and TS between 7:00-7:30p as DAH folks come in.

I’m planning on attempting an “EveryRide” challenge that day. AK will be my 3rd park. To even have a shot at completing, I have to assume I’ll arrive at AK by 5:30p with FP+ for FOP, knock out KS before it closes 6:45p and pray I can find an FP+ for NRJ. That’s a lot to assume but, granted that assumption and my belief that I’ll also have a PW FP+ to use late - how will the DAH folks entering at 7p impact the waits (if at all) for EE-Single Rider, Dino and TS?

Thanks ahead of time. Hopefully somebody can help me out :slight_smile:

Crowds were reported very light. Should have no noticeable impact.

As far as I have read the DAH tickets are so few that they will not affect your plans. You won’t even notice them. Good luck with your every ride! Can you please report along? I’d love to follow!

If you have a pre-booked FP for FoP, how are you going to use another 2 FPs before looking for a Navii one? That would be my concern, not the DAH.

Since the DAH events start 30-60 minutes after park close, anyone still in line will be in the stand-by line. Reports say that DAH guests then get to use the FP line, thus jumping ahead of the “lingerers”.

Hoping so - thanks! Per the rules, I’ll be posting my run on 1/22 on Twitter under the same handle as I use here (@brtaylor73). Hope you can follow along!

Thanks for the info! I don’t have a pre-booked FOP yet - I’ll be getting that as (approximately) my 16th or 17th FP of the day. Goal is to have FOP found before heading to AK and then either luck into an NRJ or - ride that last. So any FP I use in AK won’t be pre-booked, meaning I could do back-to-back Tier 1’s if I’m lucky enough to get an NRJ while waiting for FOP.

Correct. There were standby people still merging an hour into the event.