Animal Kingdom After Hours

Coming to Orlando 19th June to 10th July. I already have 2 days for each park scheduled in, plus Villains After Hours on 20th June and HS After hours on 27th June.
Is it worth doing AK after hours? I already have FP for FOP, EE and KS each AK day as well as a ROL and late evening. Will I get anything out of spending another 250 dollars?

Thank you

Not really.

I did AK DAH because I booked really late and couldn’t get any FPP for FOP.

I did FOP x 3, NRJ x 2 and EE x 1, which was great for me.

I´ve read that FOP takes so long because of the Pre show that it inhibits the amount of riding you can do during DAH.

You are limited at FoP by the preshow. I was able to do EE 6x. That was the benefit to me.


We were able to do EE 10x which thrilled my DS (and made me want to vomit). His joy from doing EE was worth it.