Animal Kingdom Adjustment request

Okay all. DD and I were able to score a coveted FOP fast pass for our AK day. We’re (she’s) not huge AK fans, so we’re planning on doing the park in just 1/2 day with a good plan. Park closes at 9:30, and I’ve based it on the 8:10 window for FoP that we have. However, it doesn’t use the Kali River Rapids FP which I thought we’d do first since, August. I certainly don’t want to do it at 8:40 at night, that’s for sure! I added a break figuring we’d get QS around then, but not sure where yet. Any thoughts y’all can give? Thanks so much!

This plan is adjusted from our first plan. I’ve canceled our breakfast reservation at TH, and figured we’d start around 3. This has us starting at 4. It also allows for me to see Pandora at night doing it this way, rather than convincing my DD to go back at night.

Sautu’li was absolutely delicious and has online ordering so you can order and just go in to pick up (unless you are using DP credits). If you’re mostly going to experience Pandora, I would definitely suggest that for your QS meal.

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I would use the Kali River fastPass. That line is hot and slow. I would force to to use the fastPass and see how much overall wait time changes.

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I would copy the plan, rearrange to start at Kali with fp, go to EE, back to Marharajah trek, onto Safari and Gorilla Falls and finally to Pandora. Evaluate the plan and compare it to your published one.

It might be that the wait for your extra EE ride is a bit longer by doing Kali first, but I wouldn’t think it would be way longer, and you’d save time by not doubling back on the treks that your optimised plan does.