Animal Kingdom 2bd villa DVC Rental.... confirmed Aug 1-4

Our family has a reservation at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village - a wonderful 2 bedroom villa with savannah view. We saved 2 years for this trip but we no longer can go. Unfortunately, because we ‘rented’ the points from DVC, we signed a contract that’s non-refundable. The company is willing to contact the member to transfer it for us given the extraordinary circumstances right now but we are on our own to find someone. I’m feeling pretty hopeless but giving it a shot here.

If you have any ideas on what we can do, I’m all ears.

We originally paid $3059. I believe studios are going for about $420+ a night plus tax. Upgrade yourself to a 2bedroom savannah view? If anyone is interested in the reservation, please send me a note. All offers entertained (don’t worry, you won’t offend…). We can facetime and I can show you the reservation live on My Disney Experience page.

Thank you!

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Oh! I hope you’re able to find someone! How very disheartening.

Was trying to figure out a way we could be those people, but it won’t work. :pensive: