Animal Kingdom 2 bedroom Suites vs Villas

Does anyone have a map of where the 2 bedroom suites are located (main lodge and apparently only available at club level) vs. 2 bedroom villas at Kidani and Jambo???

Did you look here?

Of course there have been some issues with the AKL room map but I have not found anyone close to this one. There used to be an old one but I think it was pulled.

I’m looking for the location of the suites vs. the villas within the map with it pre=printed on there unfortunately but thank you.

Perhaps it is confusing to use suites vs. villas? Suites are Villas in DVC Disney-speak, I think. 2 bedroom suites are 2 bedroom villas at AKL. Are you asking DVC vs. cash-reservation? Perhaps 2 bedroom DVC villas vs. 2 bedroom cash-booking suite/villas?

I just looked at the Touring Plans map. Are you filtering the search, then clicking on the red highlighted area, then change the floors and look where they are? Then do the same for the DVC rooms?

Two bedroom CL room- change the floors, they are on floor 2-4. Here is floor 4

DVC 2 bedrooms are on the 5th floor (lock off)