Animal Kingdom 1998 map

I’ve been cleaning out boxes and closets, and have come upon a lot of stuff I saved for my (now grown) children from their childhoods.

It turns out that one of the things, among many, many Disney things, I saved was a 1998 AK map.

There is no way to capture it perfectly in one or two scans (or if there is I don’t know it!) but here are a collections of scans that together let you see as much of the map as I could capture.

@OBNurseNH I thought you especially would smile at this


ok, that didn’t work – trying some thing else!

I cannot seem to upload pdfs – if anyone has any good ideas please share! I tried changing the files to .jpg but that is not helping

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I can upload the pdfs, it seems, but then one has to click on them to view. I’m not sure that is allowed here. @PrincipalTinker ?

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That link works!

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So that was ok to do?


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OK, here they are

AK1.pdf (516.3 KB) AK2.pdf (474.5 KB) AK3.pdf (436.4 KB) AK4.pdf (492.0 KB) AK5.pdf (372.6 KB) AK6.pdf (499.3 KB) AK7.pdf (471.3 KB) AK8.pdf (469.6 KB) AK9.pdf (450.5 KB)


Oh! I like the size when you post them that way.

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Thanks for your help!

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Neat! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Thank you for the trip down memory lane. My wife and I were there in May ‘98 for our honeymoon! It was very different then than the next time we visited in 2010.


We were there for ours in Sept '98 haha

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These are great! I went to AK in the first couple of years and there is so much I don’t remember about it. I had completely forgotten that FotLK was in today’s Pandora. So weird to see that space occupied by cheap meet & greets! Also poor Asia was just “coming soon”! Dinoland seems much more prominent than it is now for some reason.

This may be my favorite little tidbit though, looking back to the 90s:



This is making me think back to my trips as a kid. One was for the 25th (I remember the cake castle, almost had to buy that MB but nothing beats my tourist Genie one so) and then in 2004, I was the RD drill sergeant and we had the honor of being the “opening” family on our first trip to AK back when that was a thing. I was obnoxious like see I told you guys getting up early and speed walking was a good idea!


SO COOL!!! Definitely going to look at these more closely when I have time later tonight!

Thanks for sharing

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Loved seeing these

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Camp Minnie-Mickey!! :heart: I the cutest pic of DS who was then 2.5 with Mickey from over there. He was napping and woke up and was being a bit of a stinker, pouting his little face right off. But still that magical mouse got a smile out of him. Oh heck, here - I’ll share them:

Ooh Maharaja and Kali weren’t open then? Interesting!

I will always think of Gorilla Falls as Pangani. I heard once why they changed it and it escapes me now, but it just seems more authentic somehow. Like we don’t call Maharaja “Tiger Meadow” or something. We use a word from Asian diction.

Related: when did we change the name from Safari Village Trails to Discovery Island Trails? I think the latter makes more sense since this area is supposed to be a hub, and not connected to Africa.

Haha! :laughing: Telephones, camera with film, LOL

Also: there were still plenty of idiots around “please do not feed the animals or throw objects, including coins, into the water”

These are fantastic! Loved looking at them! Thanks again!


that sequence of photos is precious – you can see him getting that smile coaxed out by Mickey!


Oh and he was being such a turd and really didn’t want to give it up!

I know – I have been berating myself for not remembering taking my guys who were then 8 and 4 on Kali and Maharajah, but now I know it wasn’t my faulty memory