And we're booked! (Plan B, anyhow)

As of this morning, we are officially booked for our Plan B. This is for the 25th Anniversary December 2020 trip.

5 nights at Pop Century, and 3 nights at the Contemporary (Theme Park view).

Now, I fully expect to cancel the Pop Century booking, and modify the Contemporary to a single night (our last night). But I have to wait until January to ensure our DVC rental for the Boardwalk 1 Bedroom villa goes through. (I also expect no issues there, since I’ve already had exchanges with the lady we’ll be renting through.)

But it feels nice to know that in the very least, we officially have a trip booked. Tickets are paid for already, and resort back-up plans in place!

I do have a question. Wondering if anyone knows. But I’m HOPING that Disney drops the price on the Contemporary, but not expecting it. It hit me, however. What if Disney raises the price? When I modify the existing reservation from 3 days down to 1 day, will I keep the current price?

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the obvious answer is that you will keep your price, but since Disney seems to be moving to a policy of making people essentially rebook when they modify, this is a very good question.

Thanks. I appreciate that! :wink:

When I booked Pop Century a week ago, I accidentally booked it for 7 nights instead of 5 because I had been playing around with both options. After I did the check out, I realized my mistake. I immediately went back in and modified the booking from 7 nights down to 5. It was listed as a modification, and it didn’t require me to re-pay or anything…so I’m hoping that will be the case. But in this situation, there was no pricing change involved.

It may be okay since you’ll be changing it so far out. Maybe the ones I’ve seen were those that were trying to modify inside the 60 day fpp window.

Did you find the private renter through MouseOwner or another site?

Actually, by recommendation from someone on these forums.