And so the SWGE lunacy begins

I have little to add, except no. Just no.



Not real. Too cheap. :slight_smile:

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This gal needs to better understand the art of subtlety when trying to pull this kind of joke off. Quickly went off the rails to unbelievability to ever cross over into “fooling” anyone territory.



Did you see the phone number?

Anyway, it was obvious after the sentence about riding both rides - neither will be open at DHS.

And the last paragraph is all Star Trek stuff!

@bswan26, I have to ask … did you fall for this?

I love the part about William Shatner! “The original Hans Solo!”

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You know, before my son left for school this morning, he said he had to come up with some epic pranks for today. He asked me if I was going to do anything, and I told him that adults don’t really get into April Fool’s Day all that much. The time I have spent on the forum today has proven to me that I was dead wrong about that.

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I’m not really a prankster, and don’t do much in the April Fools category. But I DID pull off an epic April Fools prank once, years ago.

It was on the writing forums that I spent my free time on. There was a strong camaraderie there among everyone, and we all cheered each other in our path towards being published. A great many of the people DID go on to be published, some even have become best-selling authors. I, however, am not among them!

HOWEVER, one fine April 1st, I posted about how I had finally received an acceptance by a literary agent that I had sent out several months back and such. I detailed out my emotional state, and then ended the post with, “This is a day I’m going to write in my calendar as one never to forget!”

Well, it took almost an entire day before anyone realized that the day in the calendar I was referencing was April 1. :slight_smile:

I did not. The Nos were a subtle way of saying I knew it was a joke, without completely giving it away.


I think it is very possible that both rides will be open on the date they give in the article.

June 31, 2019


What. Are you saying THX 1139 wasn’t George Lopez’s first film, then?


That part is actually true!

Speaking of April Fool’s pranks, my DS9 just pulled one on me. Noticing anything wrong with the chocolates on the left?


Unacceptable. Pull the stems off, coat them in chocolate, then leave them for someone else to eat.


Better yet - get some cocktail onions, dry them, dip them in chocolate, and put them in a chocolate box…


Ooh, you’re mean! :wink:

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Hey. I wasn’t looking for payback. It was a funny, well done prank! Didn’t harm anyone or embarrass them. Just clever!


It’s all fun and games until someone replaces the bavarian cream filling in donuts with mayonnaise.

Now, that’s just wrong!

Truth is, I don’t like practical jokes because often people DO go so far as to embarrass or harm.

But back in my high school days, I was working at Little Caesars. We had our little bathroom in the back for the employees. Someone decided to do the whole put saran wrap over the toilet bowl prank. Which, of course, I fell for. Except, I decided to turn it around. After cleaning things up, I finished my business and then re-wrapped the toilet. Then I came out as if nothing had happened. You could see that those involved were all ready for some kind of reaction from me, but I acted like nothing had happened.

After a time, this seemed to bother them, and someone nonchalantly asked me if they noticed anything in the restroom. I said, just as nonchalantly, no. Everything was fine. Then they asked me if I had gone to the bathroom. I looked at them like they were crazy. “No, I was just in there to look at myself in the mirror!”

They then went back into the bathroom and came out really confused (since the toilet was still covered, but no evidence of any mess left behind, etc), and pressed me for more answers about what I had done. This went on for about 30 minutes before I finally let them in on my little reversal in the prank. :slight_smile:

Loved it even though I had figured out before even getting to the date that it was not real. The different movies and people that were going to be there, that is funny.