And just like that, another trip! :)

After making the sad decision to cancel my birthday trip plans (long story…nothing horrid) that would have had me ay Disneyland for a couple of days, I looked at the school calendar for next year and…

Oh look! We are out on a Monday and Tuesday for Rosh Hashanah…

Yep! All booked - flight, room, and MNSSHP ticket - and it’s a go!! 9/7-11 WDW here I come!!

I’ll get in late Friday night/early Saturday morning (flight is scheduled to land at 11:53pm - but it’s all good…they usually overestimate the time heading down from NYC). Staying at POR in a Garden View room.

Saturday will kick off with breakfast at Garden Grill and then a day at Epcot for fun and Food & Wine!

Sunday a friend will come, we’ll brunch at The BOATHOUSE and then get ready for MNSSHP!!! Costume already purchased and will be sent to my parents’ house so I can get it when I’m there for the family reunion in June.

Monday will be Animal Kingdom - at this point no ADR but planning for Satu’li Canteen and Nomad Lounge for my eats.

Tuesday will be an early pick-up to fly back.

It’ll be quick, but fun!!! Sooooooo excited!!!


Wonderful news!



POR is not normally my choice - but with both CBR and CSR being out of the regular food court and my being gluten-free and not reading great experiences for people with food allergies at the makeshift plans and not really wanting to do All Stars again (they’re fine…but I just didn’t want that this time - UNLESS there is a huge discount on Music or Sports when/if AP rates come out), POR was slightly less than POFQ (another not normally my choice), so… POR it shall be. It’ll be great! I’ll be at Disney!!


Fab, how exciting!


Sorry about you having to cancel your birthday trip :confused:
But yay! For booking for next year, sounds amazing!!


Thanks! It’s ok - my family is actually coming here at the beginning of the week and we’re seeing “Hello Dolly” (one of my sister’s friends from the DCL ships is in the ensemble - so yeah, we’ll be the weird people there on Bette Middler’s first night back in who are NOT there primarily to see her - haha!) so there will still be fun to be had.

This is probably the least amount of time I’ve had to plan a WDW trip, but it’s going to be fun. I’m not going to stress FP+ - I’ll see what I get, but I know I won’t be on at 7 eastern time on “my” day because I’ll be flying home from Rome. It’ll just be me, so I can entertain myself in lines. LOL.


Thanks! I’m excited!!


Great plans! Happy tweaking and changing plans for the next few months!:wink:


Haha! Well, the one thing I know isn’t changing is my costume since I’ve ordered it and it’s paid for! LOL.

I know it’s bordering on blasphemy since I’ll be at Disney, but… Hermione Granger! :slight_smile: (My other pondering was not Disney either - Wonder Woman.) Hehe! But I love her, it’s pretty easy - and my hair will certainly be frizzy enough!

And not BOATHOUSE either!! Love me some BOATHOUSE!


Hello Dolly sounds fab!
Sometimes short countdowns, on any trips, are exciting :grin:
I found that not everyone sticks to a Disney theme for dress up at MNSSHP, at our first one DH and DS dressed as Mario and Luigi :joy:


In a surprise to no one, about 48 hours after booking I have emailed my TA to change my resort. Looked at prices, etc. and while I don’t want to go value this trip (they’re fine…just want something slightly more this time), POR was a good chunk. Especially when CSR was just over $50 LESS per night. I know there is construction - but I live in NYC so I’m used to seeing construction stuff around AND I don’t plan to be hanging out at the resort for hours on end. No issue. I know the main pool is closing - but (and I know this is almost as anathema to not liking Star Wars (or Toy Story…or Marvel other than Guardians) around here, but…) I really don’t do pools. No issue. So come Monday I should be swapped over to CSR. My fax request is already set. :slight_smile:

That was change number 1.

Change number 2 came when the Reservation Finder came through and found a Bon Voyage Breakfast slot on Monday the 10th! It’s at 10:35, so really more of a brunch, which is fine. And…in that case really makes more sense for Monday to be my Epcot day rather than Saturday since I can do park, walk to brunch, walk back to park. Honestly from all I’ve read, it seems like that will be my better option anyway since it’s Food and Wine time - a Monday better than a Saturday, right?

So the schedule as of now is…

Friday evening fly to Orlando. DME to CSR.
Saturday - Animal Kingdom - no scheduled meals…breakfast at Pepper Market, lunch at Satu’li, and dinner at Nomad Lounge.
Sunday - brunch at BOATHOUSE, then to MK and end the night with MNSSHP. (Technical question here…my friend and I are planning to probably go straight from brunch to MK, so that would get us there even before the (usual) 4pm admission for MNSSHP. So since we’re adults, we’ll need to have the costumes in bags and change after admission for the party starts, right? No biggie…just making sure.)
Monday - Epcot with brunch at Bon Voyage, then snacking on gluten-free things at Food & Wine.
Tuesday will be an early call for Tragical Express.



I have a short trip coming up in October which I have never done before (usually trips are 7 or 8 days) so I am excited to see other people doing short trips too! enjoy!

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You too!!

Yay for having a trip booked

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I love POR! Such a pretty resort. We’ve stayed there twice. Love taking the boat to DS.

Never mind. I see you switched. We’ve never stayed at CSR.

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Congrats on the new trip!

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For me it’s called fitting it in where I can!! :slight_smile:

I’m CSR official now! My TA got it changed first thing this morning!! That $233 and change I’m now saving will mean a couple of nicer meals…or a nice splurge souvenir!


Good call on switching! I have stayed at CSR 2 or 3 times and really liked it. The Ranchos section is my favorite, very quiet back there. Hope you enjoy.

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