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I posted this under WDW, but I want to make sure I get varied opinions

I’m autistic, and I love studying numbers.
Does anyone else wish when reviewing the guest ratings for attractions, you could also see how many votes went towards it as well? Whether a five star rating or a one star rating, I think it carries different weight if it received 50 votes or 500 votes.


I would love it regarding some of the dining data too!


It very much does. As does the other data point - against how many other rides? A five star ride at AK might be different than a 5 :star2: at HS.

Yes ! And how many times have you experienced this restaurant. A great or horrible first and only experience might be an outlier.
For really good info, it’d be nice to know who’s in the kitchen which days.


That would be a good reference to have,


Wow, i’m pleasantly suprised at the positive feedback this has gotten


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Who me?

yeah, i have some data for you

Im interested

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