An “open” park day in plan...?

I’m planning 7 park days for our family trip (2 parents and 2 boys 7 &5). One or two days I’d like to leave a little bit open or flexible so we can take it slow and maybe just wake up and see how we feel that day and what we’d like to “re-do” or see that we’ve missed. This would mean not planning FPs for that day. If you’ve done this, how has it impacted your day? Did you enjoy the shift in pace? Or do you wish you’d have planned further?

I have a “free” day in my plans for my upcoming trip in September. I’m still going to book some Fastpassses that day for attractions that we may want to do again or just in case we don’t get them earlier in the week, but I’m not going to feel obligated to do them if they don’t fit with our mood that day.


This doesn’t freak me out at all. I actually liked having a more relaxed day toward the end of the trip when must dos were done. With the FPP drops and the modify/refresh tricks, I had no problem picking up what we wanted/needed.


I second this - May ad we’ll have something booked. You can always change it.


I agree with this. I know it is hard to believe, but if you book FPs for a park, you are NOT OBLIGATED to use them or even go to the park in question! :slight_smile:

I would say mark a day as a “free day”, but book FPs at some park (maybe a harder-to-get FP, or just for rides you most enjoy) knowing that you very likely might not use them. Also, don’t book them early in the day, to allow for a more casual start to your day. If you end up deciding to go to a different park, or go to no park at all, so be it. But the FPs are there just in case.

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I inadvertently did this. I originally marked a Resort day in the middle of our stay, and then they extended AK’s hours. So just for giggles, I booked a FOP FPP for that night…which turned into EE and Dinosaur FPP as well. (I’ve only been to AK once, years and years ago and only went on KS and ITTBAB…plus I’m a dinosaur nerd). So now we have the option of popping over after dinner on that day to ride a few things if the mood strikes us. If not, no biggie!

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I love this advice.

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