An hour wait for Mike & Sulley?

My DHS plan is telling me that I will have a 56 minute wait to meet Mike & Sulley at DHS if I arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the Meet and Greet! Do we think this is accurate? I didn’t think they were that popular? I am not going to wait an hour, but I also don’t really think it will take an hour? Anyone do this recently? Thanks!

It was a 30 min wait last time we were there - so 15th Aug but I can’t remember what time. The CMs were announcing it at the entrance which leads me to believe that the other time we were in there the week before, it was less.


Was there this past week and it was a 20 minute wait with crowds very low. It may have been a timing thing as we didn’t move at all for a few minutes so we could have caught them during a break.

Just looking at MDE, as of 10:55 AM, it is a thirty minute wait.

Thanks everyone. My DHS day is fairly wide open since I was able to secure a 10:40am SDD Fastpass and I also think that we will do pretty well during the EEMH. I’ll just use the hour as a break or for shopping if it doesn’t really take that long. They aren’t quite a “must do” either!