An evening DHS to AK question

I lucked into finding a FOP FP for our first night in WDW. Unfortunately, that is the night we had planned to watch Fantastmic.

Is there any way to make both work?

fantastmic is at 8 pm
FOP FP is from 8:30 to 9:30 pm
AK closes at 9:30

We would sit at the upper back right and leave quickly. We have park hoppers and a car.

I put it into touring plans with us eating at 9 pm for 0 minutes at Rainforest Cafe, and it says we would arrive at FOP at 9:10 pm.

I don’t see how this could work. Would you Uber? Even then, you would be leaving HS with the crowds around 8:30? Walk to Uber area (10 minutes) wait for Uber (?), drive to AK, 15-20?, walk to gate…entry, walk to Pandora…

I honestly think you need to make a choice. The bus area construction at HS adds time here.

I will echo @PrincipalTinker 's advice.

I’m not sure when your trip is, but right now the parking lot situation at HS is weird and will probably add time to getting to your car.

Personally, I would not be enjoying Fantasmic knowing I need to book it outta there fast to get to FoP. I’d save Fantasmic for another trip and go to AK instead. FoP is not to be missed.