Amtrak to Orlando

Anyone familiar with the Orlando Amtrak station? Are there taxis available or will we have to call for someone. About how long from the station to the Contemporary Hotel? Likewise, what is probably the best way to go to the Amtrak station when we leave? Thanks.

What time of day are you arriving, and are you interested in city buses? It’s been a few years since I used it, but the big SunRail and bus terminal are right there. You ought to be able to catch a bus or taxi, but I think I saw in another thread that you’re in ECVs right? Is that permanent (i.e. will you be in them from train station to WDW), or are you renting on site?

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Are you talking about the auto train that runs from Lorton, VA to Sanford, FL? I believe there is a different station for non auto train. I’ve taken the auto train twice but not the regular train. Sanford is about an hour outside of Orlando.

We are renting them and will get then from at hotel. We arrive at 10 am. I will be using a rollator and my husband a cane so taxi is preferred. Thanks for the intel!!

No our train is coming from Washington DC.

Mears’ HQ is basically across the street from the Amtrak station. Call them at 407-422-2222.


We usually use the Kissimmee Amtrak station.

Are you already ticketed to Orlando?

Kissimmee is less congested. It is an outdoor platform, tho covered. Small city rather than large city station.

I have not been to the Orlando Amtrak station since 1979. Hopefully it’s been updated in the last 40 years.

At the Kissimmee station there is usually a cab or two. We’ve usually used a car service. When I was there in 2017 we were met by family already in Florida.

In recent years I’ve reserved one car service for Amtrak to Disney. And a different car service for Disney to Amtrak. I started this when two companies both seemed good.

Cabs seem to be getting scarce around Disney with the ride sharing. We used to cab between resorts in bad weather. Last couple of cab rides cured us of that - way more expensive.


Yes we are already ticketed. I could look into adjusting our tickets. Can I ask which car service(s) you have used? Thanks.

I would look into adjusting tickets. Probably the same fare. They’re not that far apart as the rails go.

During the 90s we used one family owned car service but they stopped being a business.

Since then I’ve done searches and checked reviews. After I read some reviews about no show return service I began booking my second choice (or tie for first) as our return. Seems I was booking different companies every trip.

Enjoy your Amtrak trip ! :grin:

I think there’s a way to check the cab fare on line. In 2017 the cabs were still showing up in case of a fare. 2 or 3.

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