Ample Hills

How far is it to get to? I am going to the four parks and staying at Pop. Not sure if it is convenient to any of those places or if it would be far out of the way. How good is the ice cream?

Its at boardwalk, so most convenient when you are touring world showcase at epcot. Maybe a 5-10 minute walk from the international gateway.

Or you can take the boat from the IG.

Boat from Hollyweird will also drop you off at the Boardwalk.
Don’t make a super special trip for it alone, but if you are in the area, YESSS!

If you are near the IG, or on the Boardwalk for any reason, try to go. It’s good. If I’m on the Boardwalk, it’s a must.

How late does it stay open?

Never mind, I found the hours.

Thanks for the info. I would have to leave Epcot to go and go through bag check to get back in. Worth it or not?

Bag check at the IG is generally no wait. That might change once the gondolas start running.

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I was there on Sunday night to visit the Boardwalk for my first time. It’s just a regular ice cream shop. While they have a good selection it isn’t worth a special trip - especially if you have to go out of the way. I also stopped at Abracadabar because I had heard about it on a podcast. It’s just a normal bar with posters and knickknacks on the walls. If you were staying at the Boardwalk Inn and wanted a treat or nightcap - It would be convenient. Just get ice cream in the parks like at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

If you are in the mood for some out of the ordinary flavors, definitely go. The quality is very high and the selection is decent. We usually get the flight option so we can try 6 flavors.
The Boardwalk itself is a great area and by early evening there is entertainment along the walk. If you have never been there, you should make a little time to check it out. You won’t regret it.


It was delicious!

When are you going? It will be easy to get there once the gondolas start running for actual people!

There’s a flight option? Now I am definitely going!!!