Amount of time to allot from CBR to MK

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have a ballpark of how much time we should allot to get from CBR to MK? We plan to be there before rope drop each day, and also plan to take a long mid-day break back at the resort. Thanks - I’ve read some really poor reviews of CBR and their bus service and am now a bit nervous, but we leave in 2 days so there is no looking back!


I give a standard 45 minutes for transportation by bus. Includes waiting for the bus and travel time. If you arrive earlier than expected then it’s a bonus.

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Somewhere in the ‘Unofficial Guide’ it has times from each resort to each theme park. For the life of me I can’t find it in the book…but I know it’s there. Even tried searching on my kindle version and couldn’t locate it.

45 mins seems about right. Since it is RC, maybe even plan on an hour because of how busy CBR buses are.

We will be at CBR in 8 days!

According to my unofficial guide 31-43 minutes from CBR to MK so yeah 45 mins figure on