American Express

I read somewhere (I can’t remember where) that you needed to sign an agreement with AmEx prior to using your card at WDW. I called AmEx today and the customer service rep had no idea what I was talking about and had never heard of that. I have an AmEx business card. Has anyone signed the agreement?

Never heard of that. I used my AmEx but it was personal (Delta AmEx). Not tried with business…

Never had an issue using an Amex at Disney

It’s a good idea to let any credit card issuer know if you are going to be in a location other than your usual location. Chase always makes a note on my account when I’m in Orlando vs. home (RI) so there isn’t a hold or rejection of charges. They detect fraud if they think you’re card is being used somewhere other than where they think you are.
Amex has excellent fraud detection. I get alerts if I make a purchase online from a vendor that I’ve never used before. But, those things take time to clear up even when they are valid charges.
Avoid that by giving them a head’s up before travel.

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Yes chase is good about that, I have been told by Chase that if you have a debit/credit card use your pin at least once, then they know it is you.

Amex has great fraud protection services and as a consumer we’ve noticed that their alerts can prevent us from making extremely large purchases usually for our Disney gift cards in preparation for the dollars we will spend in the parks. We know to call and let them know. Also, it really depends on the rep that you’re speaking with and how much they know. Some are great, some are just looking to pass off the call as quickly as possible.