American Express Gift Cards

Hi WDW experts! Hope someone here can help me! Here’s my question:

I have an American Express card that allows me to earn 6% cash back at grocery stores and I have about $600 reward dollars. I want to use this to spend at Disney World in August. I wanted to put it on an American Express Gift card and bring it down to pay for some meals. But- will the restaurants accept American Express gift cards? Or do I need to use Disney Gift Cards only?

My other option would be to use it at Kroger (earn 4x gas points on gift card purchases this week and earn 6% cash back rewards on Amex) and then cash the rewards on statement balance to basically pay for the Disney gift cards I buy at Kroger.

What would you guys do? TIA!!

Ok as I wrote that I think I just answered my own question. I’m buying the stinkin Disney gift cards at Kroger this week to earn my 4x fuel points + 6% cash back and redeeming my rewards dollars to my statement balance!

Sometimes it takes me a minute! LOL!:wink::blush:


Just in case: My sister had an Amex Gift card last time we went to Disney World and she was able to use it everywhere!

Thanks! I will probably accumulate more points prior to August so that would be helpful if I could!

One thought about using GIft Cards in general - if you are staying on-site then you can charge meals, etc. to your room and then use your GC to pay down the balance at the Front Desk. Just be sure to do this regularly before your balance gets automatically charged to the CC on file.

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Thanks for the tip!