American Attractions

We’re looking to buy the 14 day Universal tickets which are available in the UK. American Attractions seem to be the most competitive, does anyone have any experience of them? I’d not come across them before so wanted to check.

Thanks in advance, Brizz

Never heard of them. I always buy from Attraction Tickets Direct, they have always been the cheapest.

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They’re £80 cheaper than ATD, Floridatix are cheaper than ATD too. I asked on another forum and a number of people had used them successfully.

However, someone mentioned that many of the sites will price match so I had an online chat with ATD and they did just that! :smiley: In the greater scheme of things it’s not a massive amount of money but it will cover a couple of meals for my ganets :joy:


Wow I’ve never found anyone cheaper for any kind of ticket - Floridatix, Orlando Ticket Deals (or something like that) have been consistently £10-20 more per ticket. And I’ve never even seen American Attractions as a search result. I wonder what has changed in the last 6 months to make them more expensive.

The prices have seemed to fluctuate a lot among all the providers I looked at, I put off buying the tickets to spread the cost of the trip and we obviously didn’t need to sort fast passes. I’d definitely seen tickets cheaper than I’ve got them for before although I can’t remember from which site. - So they might not always be more expensive just because they were this week!

Apparently American Attractions were running a promotion that is ending this evening - and it might just have been cheaper on the combination of tickets I was looking at. ATD were very helpful and efficient, immediately agreed to price match (even though I felt cheeky asking :rofl:) I was really impressed by their customer service.

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That’s interesting, I’ve never seen prices fluctuate. We do always buy early - sometimes it works in our favour because they go up closer to the time, and sometimes there’s a great sale on and we miss out! Swings and roundabouts I guess. I do actually still need 1 Universal ticket possibly, as I’m waiting to see if there’s an AP discount at HRH during our trip.