AMC Dine-In at Disney Springs Questions

We are thinking about seeing Wreck-It Ralph at the AMC at Disney Springs on Christmas Day (if it’s still playing then). For any of you that have seen a movie there, how long before can you reserve a seat? How did you like going there? We are thinking about moving Flying Fish or Jiko to another day, and go to Raglan Road either before or after the movie. Any information would be appreciated!

You can usually reserve AMC seats on Wednesday morning for the week (at least that is the way it works here - it’s been a long time since I did the one in Disney Springs). I always go on the app Wednesday morning to get my tickets for the weekend. You can take a look on the website now to make sure it is the same at Disney Springs. Just note that they usually have tickets for the first weekend out for new movies several weeks in advance, so you may see those there - so don’t be surprised if there are a limited number of movies showing now. For example, I’ve got my tickets for Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas on 12/16 now…but I need to wait until Wednesday to look for The Grinch for this weekend. It gets confusing.

I will only see movies at AMC now. If you’re looking for something to do and you don’t do it regularly at home, I would definitely do it! The Lego Movie was the first one we saw there and that made us find one locally (and by locally, I mean 40 minutes away but, as I said, it’s the only place I will see a movie now!).

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We go to the NCG theatre here in town. It’s my favorite because of the reclining seats and the drink choices. I don’t know where the closest AMC is. Not close, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help. I’m thinking we would want to see the movie first then go to Ragland Road in case we have leftovers, which is likely.