Amazon vs. Garden Grocer?

Thoughts? We’ve used Garden Grocer in the past, just trying to get some opinions …

We’ve used both and I thought Amazon was easy and less expensive. Not sure I would do Garden Grocer again now that there’s Amazon. :slight_smile:

Like both, but Amazon certainly cheaper

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I think TP did a comparison a year or 2 ago. We did amazin and it was great. If you already have an account and you choose “delayed delivery” they sometimes give you $5 towards an Amazon Prime Now delivery which is one of the reasons we used it and it was really convenient! We ordered while waiting for our flight and it was there when we got to the hotel

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We were loyal Garden Grocer customers for over ten years. A couple of years or so ago I decided to give Prime Now a try. Selection wasn’t that great, especially when it came to fresh groceries, but it was certainly a lot cheaper. The following trip the selection had improved drastically, and at that point I knew we’d never go back to Garden Grocer. These days Prime Now even do beer and wine, so absolutely no reason for us not to use them! :rofl:

Main advantages of Prime Now over Garden Grocer are selection, cost and - most of all (for us) - delivery options. We always need more stuff half way through our two week trips. With Garden Grocer this had to be scheduled ahead of time since they run out of delivery slots so early. With Prime Now I place an order a couple of hours before we’re due back at the resort, and it’s there waiting. Can’t beat that for convenience! Oh, and I priced up our groceries with both before last trip, just out of curiosity. Including the delivery cost, Garden Grocer was well over 50% more expensive…

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How do you fill out the delivery info? I saw the TP post mentioning name and reservation #. Do you include that in the Full Name field? Do you need to put the name of your Resort anywhere?

I put my name, reservation number and arrival date in the name field (if there’s enough room - if not, I skip the arrival date), then the name and full address of the resort. :slight_smile: