Amazon Prime Pantry vs. checked luggage with food

Has anyone used amazon’s prime pantry to deliver water, juice and snacks to your resort? If so, how does it work? When do you know to order the items so they show up on your arrival day? Tips and tricks?

We are flying from Chicago and would like to bring additional snacks, water and juice to help keep the costs lower as we are not doing a dining plan. I’m not too crazy of checking a bag at the airport with food and beverages. Thanks!

Use Prime Now instead of Prime Pantry. Chose a 2 hour delivery window and get a text when it arrives.

Agree - Pantry will take a few days to get there whereas with Prime Now it’s much quicker and you know exactly when to expect your delivery. We’ve used it and were very pleased!

Publix delivery might be cheaper.

Instacart also usually offers a discount for first time users, and there’s a real person shopping for your stuff, so you can ask for things that may not be actually listed on the site (they’ll just add it to your total if they find it), and if they get there and the bananas all look terrible then they’ll text you and ask if you want them anyway. There’s also substitution options.

That said, I haven’t used it at WDW yet… I used it a TON when I lived in NYC, and I’ve used it in MI and it worked the same in both places so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the same for WDW.

I’ve had an Amazon Prime delivery for our last two trips. I just ordered about a week in advance. I think both boxes arrived a day or two before we did but there was nothing that needed cold storage and the resort held the delivery for us until we arrived. If I remember correctly, it will give you an estimated delivery date and you can schedule/purchase accordingly.
Once in a while you might choose an item that isn’t available nearby so delivery could be delayed a bit but your shopping cart should reflect that - just remove anything that might delay your shipment.

Go Instacart & Publix, and then you can order some perishables as well: milk, fruit (that needs to be refrigerated), etc. It’ll make breakfast workable in your room, which will save you time and $$$. I used it in March and found it a great option.