Amazon Prime Now vs Amazon Prime Pantry

So lot’s of discussions about having snacks, food, water etc…shipped to your resort for your arrival. Amazon prime Pantry has a pretty wide window of delivery 1-4 days. Amazon prime Now delivers in a two hour window, but a far more limited offering. This is in effect in the Orlando area. Has anyone use and how were your results?

Just updating and wondering if someone has done this?

I’d be interested also… I’m planning on shipping a few things with regular Amazon Prime but am thinking about Amazon Fresh for some groceries

I read on another site that prime now worked well. Take with a grain of salt because I think there were only 2 people in the conversation that actualy used it.

I ordered from Prime Now in October 2016. It worked great. I got a text saying the driver was leaving to deliver it and when he arrived. The package was waiting where they store luggage. I was at Pop Century. When I got the arrival text, I walked from the pool to the front of the resort, collected the package and left. I ordered water, cereal, granola bars, and peanut butter crackers. Since I was there during Hurricane Matthew and the food courts were not always open, I was happy to have the food and water. I plan on using it again this year too.


What type of turn around time should I plan? How in advance did you place your order?

You choose a 2 hour window for delivery. I think I placed my order the day before I left, maybe two days. My flight landed at 9:00 a.m. I chose a delivery window of 11a-1p. It was there within that window. If you look at the Prime Now info, you can tell how far in advance you need to place the order.

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When you order from Amazon Prime do you need a room number, or just the name of your resort?

We’ve used Prime Now a few times - at first it was to supplement our Garden Grocer order, but the most recent ones replaced the Garden Grocer order altogether. We generally order things like breakfast foods (including frozen Mini Eggos), snacks, drinks, fruit and some toiletries. The available delivery slots range from 2 days away to two hours. It is not possible to place an order more than two days out. You don’t need a room number, just the name of your resort. The delivery will be left will Bell Services who can store any frozen or chilled items until you collect.

As I mentioned before, we used to always use Garden Grocer - we were loyal customers for over ten years. What made of move to Prime Now was:

  • Cost: Pretty much everything from Prime Now is cheaper than from Garden Grocer. Delivery is free over a certain amount (which is not very high, $40 I think, but I could be remembering wrong).
  • Convenience: There are far more delivery slots available through Prime Now, especially if you need to re-order part through your stay. With Garden Grocer this can be almost impossible, whereas Prime Now will have the stuff delivered the same day. Prime Now also sell a lot of things which Garden Grocer don’t. For us, past purchases have included USB C cables, a nightlight, hair straighteners and a toddler potty… :joy:

Just to add: we have not used Prime Pantry, since the delivery window is a bit more open on that, and we need fresh items which they obviously don’t supply. Pantry deliveries are also subject to the $5 resort handling fee, which Prime Now is not (maybe not a huge deal, but I thought I’d throw that out there anyway).

Use Prime Now not the regular Prime. You need to address it to your resort and then I add MY NAME: GUEST and the confirmation number for the room reservation. I’ve never known my room number when I’ve placed an order.